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Gay friends: better with or without a boyfriend?

Of course, how difficult it is sometimes to make gay friends being gay, as if to get addicted to their sentimental life, right? Especially when we are talking about free gay chat sites. Although that's not really what I wanted to talk about here. It has happened to me a couple of times that, without eating or drinking, I have ended up getting into arguments about who has it worse within a group of friends: the ones who pair or those who are single? I suppose according to the experience of each one or if he has been more time with or without boyfriend, he will think one thing or another ... To you, what do you think?


Own Opinion

I, according to what I have lived; I think that usually singles are worse than singles. Why? Because I have noticed that, as a rule, as soon as someone becomes a boyfriend, the boy disappears completely from the map. It is almost systematic: a friend, a friend who already sees only grapes and pears at birthdays, Christmas night and parties to keep (and that if you are lucky, often flowers). Not that I can tell you a case, I could tell you about each and every one of my friends. The fact is that I fully understand that when you meet someone you feel like being with him (alone), that in the long term you change the customs and possibly neither you feel nor be able to endure beyond the 3 of celebration, that the Love is very beautiful and flowers and butterflies, etc ... but I also tell you one thing: I in my first serious relationship in free chat (which was as very absorbent and such), and I lost friends, I repented a lot and perjured I would not return To occur to me. To date, whenever I have had a couple I have done my best to keep friends.

What about others? 

Well you see that they did not have enough with the first few times that happened to them and they preferred to keep risking being without friends. (Or that in fact they were not so friends, that by the interest I love you Andrew). And notice that one of the things that I see very crucial to have a partner precisely knows how to make time for each one, for your hobbies and others but also for your friends. That yes, that being all can be great, of course, and in fact it seems very important, but to demonstrate a minimum of independence from time to time I see it crucial for the couple. Or I am myself, that I am a magical man of the Happy Country, of the house of gummy.